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About SHealan and why this podcast?

Our Journey To Eden Podcast was started by Shealan during the 

2020 lockdown. Her love for learning the tools that helped her understand herself, and restore from adverse childhood experiences,  was concentrated into the podcast through the first season of interviewing her own counselor John Sparkes.


Finding the counseling relationship so helpful, she wanted to share it with those who were also seeking restoration from internal muddles and inner conflicts. 

The podcast continues to grow and reach thousands across Europe with inspiring interviews, practical help for relationships, and signposts for the journey of restoration. 

She interviews psychoanalysts, authors, women with stories of overcoming, and authors that she loves. 

Shealan loves skateboarding along the beachfront, fairytales, and fashion and is currently studying counseling skills. She is motivated by the desire to bring beauty and restoration to women, who have been broken or damaged by the hurts and disappointment of life.


Shealan's life mission is inspired by a Dostoevsky qoute

''beauty will save the world.'' 

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create a life of meaning and beauty

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